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Junior golfers actively participating in the Leadership Links program can earn up to 15 minutes per birdie when they secure numerous pledges and one-time donations. Typical service hours acquired through the Leadership Links program is 2 hours – 25 hours depending on participation. Please email Beth Dockter at for more information.


Will be released in early February 2021.

Active Leadership Links participation can help juniors applying to AJGA tournaments. Should there be a tie when selecting AJGA tournament fields, active Leadership Links participants not already accepted* will be prioritized in the tie-breaking system.

Active Leadership Links participation is defined as the following:
  • Must be signed up for Leadership Links for a minimum of 30 days
  • Raise at least $200 in one-time donations from at least four different donors since January 1, 2021
  • Volunteer at least 25 hours since December 1, 2020 with a letter of recommendation submitted from the charity
* Tie-breaking is excluded for AJGA Preview Series events.