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My National Fallen Firefighter Fundraising Page

Sydney Yermish

Sydney Yermish

The game of golf can truly exemplify the spirit of giving! While I am so grateful to be a part of this special game, my hope is to use golf as a way to help benefit and raise money for The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Started in 1992, this foundation had served many purposes including supporting the families of fallen firefighters along with helping to prevent Line Of Duty Deaths (LODD) in the first place. The National Fallen Firefighter Foundation also vows to honor all fallen firefighters with their annual national tribute - giving these heroes what they deserve.

What many might not know about me is that I too am a first responder, a firefighter. On July 4th, 2021, my fire company responded to a house fire around 10:30 that night where a firefighter was found trapped on the third floor. He issued a mayday and firefighters were sent into to rescue him although when he was pulled out of the house he was found unconscious and unresponsive. We were later informed he passed away in the early hours of July 5th.
This firefighter's name was Sean DeMuynck.
Not only was he my fellow firefighter, he was my mentor, my friend.

The reason this foundation lays a special place in my heart is because I know and have seen what it can do to people in need, I've witnessed the impact they have on heartbroken families and communities. It truly does honor these fallen heroes and helps prevent more tragedy.

Your dollars will not only support the funding The National Fallen Firefighters Foundations, but will also impact other junior golfers as well through the ACE Grant program. The ACE Grant allows for juniors who lack the financial aid to compete in high level golf tournaments where otherwise they couldn't get seen by college coaches and potentially earn life changing scholarships.

My goal is to raise $10,000. Would you consider making a difference by donating?

There are two ways to contribute

·       You can make a one-time donation with your credit card by clicking donate.

·       You may also pledge per birdie for each birdie I make at my next few tournaments by clicking donate and pledge per birdie.

Thank you in advance for any support you can lend.

Here’s to some birdies 😁

Sydney Yermish


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1. GMGlenn Montgomery
2. DDawson Cobitz
Keep up the great work! Fire fighters are amazing people.
3. ?Anonymous
truly amazing what you are doing and amazing what the firefighters have to give
4. MBMichael Balaban
5. RMRob Montgomery
6. AWAlyssa Wang
Go Sydney!
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Matt Dupre
Beth Dockter
Good Luck with your birdies.
Melanie King
You can chew bubble gum and make birdies, but I believe you're all out of bubble gum...
Mary F Lloyd
Touche' to my adopted sistah, who knows nothing about golf!
Scott Seibert
$10 a birdie and as your coach I am happy to spend over $200 ...ha ha
Bob & Dana Yermish
$20 a birdie - Love You! Mom and Dad,$20 a birdie -
Brad Remick
Mark McCauley
,,,,,,,,,,Go get'em Sydney! Have fun and sink those puts!
Ted Sheftic
Get those birdies!
Trish chawaga
I will pledge $2 per birdie. Fully expecting over 25 birdies!,
Laurie & Rich Holden
$10.00 per birdie! We are so proud of you! I’ll be making your Uncle pay so make him go broke! Go Syd! We love you! ❤️❤️
David Kelleher
,I will give $250 per birdie! Good Luck!,
Richard Holstein
Good luck Syd. I hope this costs me a lot!,,,,,,,,,
Joe orsini
,,,,,,,,,,Go Low Syd!
Bill and Vera
Rack up those birdies!
Good Luck! Great Cause
Ira Thal
David Rankin
Drain a bunch! Great idea!