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Mia Lombardi

Mia Lombardi

I am so excited to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Liberty National ACE Grant!

I attend Concord Carlisle High in Massachusetts and play on the Coed Golf Team. In 2015, when I was still in elementary school, my brother Dominic was diagnosed as a freshman in high school with Leukemia. Dominic, was in the hospital for over a year with out being able to leave, walk, and enjoy any little bit of life. He was never able to experience a real year of high school and was very ill through out the 4 years of high-school. As I aged, every year got harder not being able to see my best friend. During Covid, I was not able to see him for over a year. My brother is one of the smartest and compassionate person you will ever meet, Dominic on thanksgiving last year went to feed homeless people instead of enjoying a fun dinner with our extended family. When you put on jeopardy, the kid knows every answer. He always goes out of his way to do the right thing seeing him struggle is very hard. His cancer is not curable, so he will take a Chemo Therapy Treatment for the rest of his life. Chemo Therapy is what makes him most sick with the side effects not allowing him to live a normal life and constantly being sick. He is not yet able to do a lot of the normal things most kids can do he still makes the most of it. Dom is now 22 and attends college hoping one day to achieve some of his dreams. Due to how toxic the treatment is it makes it a lot harder for him to live his life. Dom has always been my #1 role model and always will be.

Due to this Disease being so close to my heart I chose to raise money for The Dare to Dream Project from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). "We're daring to improve the quality of life for every child with blood cancer, daring to dream of them thriving" is their goal. This society fit perfect with what I was looking for because I believe every child should have the opportunity to chase their dreams. They focus on creating safer, less toxic and more effective treatment. Sadly 80% of Childhood Cancer Survivors develop Chronic Health Issues from Treatment. I assume most people have known or do now know someone with cancer, and has seen the detrimental it has ones life. If one beats cancer they are still left with awful effects from the treatment. When you donate half your donation goes to The Dare of Dream Project, the other half will go to the Liberty National ACE Grant which is dedicated to helping junior golfers with the ability to play golf at the national level, but lack the financial resources to do so. Which is needed for the game. I am so thankful I started this great game. It has unlimited opportunities, no matter who you are. These two charities go to a great cause that can change so many lives. I ask you to consider my Fundraiser and donate if you are able. My family and many others thank you for your kindness and consideration. Hopefully, one day treatment will not be this toxic.

My goal is to raise $5,000. The American Junior Golf Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Thank you for any support you can lend! 

To contribute via check, please make the check out to "AJGA - ACE Grant" and send to: 

American Junior Golf Association
Attn: Katrina Salzer  
1980 Sports Club Drive
Braselton, GA 30517
(Please also include my name in the memo line)

Mia Lombardi

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