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Raising money to IMPACT mental health!

Taylor Roberts

Taylor Roberts

Hi, my name is Taylor Roberts. The idea for the impact cup came to me after going through my own mental health problems and realizing how many others also deal with similar issues. While battling my own case of depression, I thought I was alone. I didn’t realize it was normal to go to therapy until I started to enjoy life again.

Throughout my healing journey I began to read more about depression and the increased rates of suicide, especially since Covid-19 hit. I couldn’t believe the increased rates for people my own age. Throughout my own journey I realized the immense role Mental health plays on people’s lives. I wanted to help others understand how they can do little things every day to create a more meaningful and less stressful life. Through mindfulness practices, I’ve learned how to appreciate the little things in life such as waking up every morning and acknowledging the new day ahead of me. Meditating has helped me live in the present and has given me tools I never had before.

The impact cup experience will not just be a regular golf event but will help collegiate golfers learn how to better themselves off the golf course. I decided to partner with my friend Phoebe because she has a similar vision, in how we both want to create awareness and change amongst our communities.

Partnering with Robert Black and AJGA will help us do this because the money we raise will help implement mental health guidelines in schools. Additionally, your money will go towards the Generation Next Project which directs its attention in creating mental health retreats to help build parent/child relationships. To add, your money will also go to junior golfers who have the level of golf to compete nationally but cannot afford it. Help me raise money by donating! Any amount is much appreciated.

Impact Cup 2022
July 25 & 26, 2022

Bobby Jones Golf Club
In-Town Golf Club
East Lake Golf Club

My goal is to raise $50,000! Would you consider helping me reach my goal?

There are three ways to contribute. You can:
1. Make a one-time online donation
2. Tournament Sponsor: $5,000
Please email bdockter@ajga.org your company name and logo with
“Tournament Sponsor” as the subject.
3. Write a check payable to the AJGA (please include my name in the memo section)-
Checks can also be mailed to: AJGA- Impact Cup, 1980 Sports Club Drive, Braselton, GA 30517

Thank you in advance for any support you can lend.

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Taylor  Roberts


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